Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Not quite working right

Yesterday at on the way over to my house for a great chili dinner with my parents and aunt Megans car threw a check engine light and started acting funny. I decided that I would take it down to Northfield for observation. Also, Winnie has not been acting right (see previous posts) so now I have her too!

First the car - it seems to be having some issues with the fuel/air mixture as far as I can tell. Given that thats mostly what an engine does (mix fuel/air, explode, repeat) that is smarty talk for "I have no idea, but its slow a dirt." It gets kind of jerky at times, and the solution seems to be more throttle or less depending on the gear, RPM, and speed you are going. So kind of random. I am optimistic after today though, (knock on wood) it seems stable as long as you don't gun it.

I wish I knew how much Megan could get for the saturn. A 95' SL1 is going for between $1,200 - $2,500 online, but this car got in a bang up and has body damage to the front right fender, and when some one broke in earlier this year and stole the CD player they jacked up the center consul. Have I mentioned that it's not all that reliable either? If this current issue ever gets fixed, I am of the mind to clean it up as best I can and sell it for whatever I can on craigslist. Get a mid 90s VW or Toyota or Honda or Volvo or something. Or nothing if this one can last 3 more months! (See our countdown at the bottom)

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Bjorn said...

My Focus used to throw a check engine light, and it was because the O2 sensor thought there was an improper fuel/air mix. You can take it to any AutoZone, and they'll check it for free. Who knows, it could be as simple as replacing an air filter, O2 sensor, or spark plugs.