Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bad day

Apparently, ever since I ran my car into a telephone pole last January, it's decided to hate me. I pamper it with new brakes, new tires, new transmission fluid... then new spark plugs, new ECTS... then a new alternator... then ANOTHER new ECTS... and a coolent flush (or three).... then new spark plug wires... plus my radio and CD player just got stolen a couple of weeks ago.... any more new things and I'll have built a new car. Sure hope this new valve does the trick.

On top of the car, I took my new laptop to the Apple Store to ask them about a little spot that's appeared in the center of the screen, and they told me that it looks like "bruised LCD", which isn't covered under warrenty because it's a result of some dumb thing I must've done. :-/

I was lamenting the fact that everything costs money, AND that stores have decided that Christmas season starts pre-Halloween now, so I decided to go visit Hercules.

Herc is the vet school's blood donor horse. He's a gigantic Belgian (his shoulders are as tall as I am), and a big teddy bear. He eats 50 pounds of hay a day! Anyway, he is one of two horses that live in the large animal hospital, and he's rumored to have magic powers and the ability to speak. We had a good chat, and he tried to eat my jacket. Awwww.

Haven't heard him speak yet, but people say he only does it late at night...

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