Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Well, my theory was shot. Replaced the expensive part and that changed about nothing. Luckily Dad was able to come down and get me because today was Grandma's 82nd birthday!

While he was down, we decided to push the saturn into the repair shop. I got in the lifeless saturn and put it in neutral while dad took the truck and got on the back bumper. He gently pushed the car down the road and we made it to "Valley Autohaus." (rough map, it goes one turn too far) A cop car drove by just as we were about to get to the intersection! But we made it through the busy intersection where it was all down hill from there. Saved $50 though. Driving a dead car is strange. No power anything so its very unweildy. So here is to hoping to that the car is not that broken. I will post what happens when I learn it.

But I made it to the party and it was great. Winnie came and was a very good girl. She was a little shy at first, but ended up not wanting to see every one go. My Grandma got a "new" chair for her birthday. It is actually her grandmothers rocking chair! My dad found it in pieces in the pole barn and resorted it to full health. The arms are amazing, you can see all the hands that have warn the wood smooth. It was quite a party. Joan, Scott, Lesslie & Wayne and kids, John & Evone, Natasha stopped by and Megan was able to come too.

Department meeting tomorrow morning so I am heading back to Northfield tonight. Megan is driving me down after her study group is done. Gata get ready for that test on monday you know!

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