Tuesday, October 24, 2006


So just a small complaint about cars. They break. All the time. At the moment, Megan and I swapped cars because her's has been plagued with problems all summer. New spark plugs, new wires, new temp sensor and new alternator, and three (!) coolant flushes. It runs great for about two weeks and then some seemingly unrelated part goes. I have so far been able to do everything my self, saving $100s by now and learning a lot.

That brings us to now and Megan's saturn sitting in my driveway afflicted with the inability to start. I asked the online saturn community and they blessed me with a quick answer (I wont bore you with the details ) and I agreed with them and went biking away for a $100 part. It will be here tomorrow morning. Lets hope that fixes it! If not, I think its time for the pros to help out. I am optimistic though.

My Volvo needs a new thermostat as well. This picture is of my second modification (the first being the ceiling) that improves the car rather than just fixing it. That silver bit is a new pipe sucking cold air into the engine, replacing a broken contraption that was designed to heat up the engine faster but really was just restricting air flow. Cold air has more O2 and thus burns better resulting in better performance and gas milage. But it is also colder, and reviled that fact that my cooling system thinks that it is overheating all the time (by way of the broken thermostat) and is cooling it down way to much. Not good for winter! Brrr

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Tom Fricton said...

Your Saturnalia forum name is Skotono. That sure brings back memories.