Wednesday, January 31, 2007


It's official..

Now is taken. Wayback from Internet Archive shows them being taken since 2000, so I doubt I can get it from them for cheap. So I need to add an addendum to the name. I also found a problem with It is a crummy holder page for an "Internet solutions" company with no working links that has not been updated since 1999.

So, I want to go for something like...

I like studio the most. I could also get and That way I don't have to make my name into, "Thats one, as in the number one, mile studio dot com." Same deal for design.

or I could do an odd domain, like

but, ick.

Anyway I am excited, this is a big first step! Now comes the hard part, getting the thing running for real.


Anonymous said...

Now to register your business name, that's one step.

Bjorn said...

You can probably get pretty easily. The site isn't in use anymore, and the address in WHOIS isn't valid, so it would be hard to make an offer, but you can back order the domain, and register it right away when it expires in june.