Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Boston is a dumb place

How can I say this? Well, it might be a place full of smart people, but this whole bomb scare is so stupid that if you average it out, makes Boston about as smart as a lizard. Seriously, if you wanted to plant a bomb, why would you make it a GLOWING SIGN shaped as a cartoon character. Given, they obviously don't watch late night Cartoon Network but that this ad caused this level of panic means that America is officially scared out of its mind.

First, here is the classic original from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force." This brings me back to freshman year High School, I can almost say every line! (Note 9:23, that is where the LED ads came from)

Now watch the video below and decide for your self. If you saw this little glowy LED thing, would you call the cops? And if you were the cops, would you close down half of Boston?

Here are some funny comments from about the whole deal.

"Perhaps whoever did this reported them in order to get them noticed, finally."
"The beauty of the story is they had been there for weeks, no one noticed or cared, then one day they flipped out."
"Hey the band Boston called... they said they're changing their name to a less embarrassing city... like Shoboigin"
"boston, i am flipping you off as hard as i can."

Also as usual, BoingBoing has more.

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Bjorn said...

Boston belittles the moon.