Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Here are my top 3 names and some design ideas for how they would look. The font is "Eurostile" with some web 2.0 curvy going on. I like the orange/gray/blue colors so I went with those.

Moving parts are what you look at, just as the upside down "i" is so obvious in this logo.

brickduck.com is open so I could just drop and "studio" or "design" after that. I like the "duck footsteps" walking away, but it still feels a little to boring right now. The name is so fun, it should have a fun logo!

What is 1 mile? The last mile between you and people looking at your webpage. Um, its how close every one will be no mater how far away you are. It sounds good? Anyway I like the lines a lot, so much energy. And the number "1" vs "one" gets shown off.

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Tom said...

Brick Duck is taken now!