Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What does it all mean?

So, what does all this mean? I think we are closer to a few things.

1: An Obama-Clinton or a Clinton-Obama ticket.
Things are so close, and so many people are going to vote for one of these people that I can't see the party ultamatly being able to make a clear-cut choice. In fact, I have read several prominent writers say that they voted for Obama but were happy to see Hillary do well too. People want change, but they don't want to bail on Hillary who they have been personally defending for years and years. And even by convention time, I doubt either candidate will have the numbers to win but then again I don't think it will be a tie making the winner President, and second place the VP. This all comes with the assumption that the race stays as clean as it has been since South Carolina which is by no means a guarantee.

2: McCain-Huckabee?
I think Mitt "Mittens" Romney is just burning money at this point, and Huckabee did better than any one thought. Again. He is a dark horse but I knew he had legs! He is just such a nice folksy guy that even I genuinely like him in a strange way. But he is never going to win. He is a southern candidate and only broke out in Iowa. But this pseudo three way race is really bad for Republicans whos main factions came together under George Bush - Military, Fiscal, and Social. Now you have the Military conservative McCain the soon to be nominee, the social conservative Huckabee, and the fiscal conservative Romney all at odds. A McCain-Huckabee ticket at least attempts to fix the most dangerous break in the party, and every one assumes the 'sensible'fiscal conservatives' will come along (begrudgingly) for the ride anyway. Watch out for this ticket, it is stronger that it appears.

3: This is going to take a long time. The Democratic National Convention is in Denver, August 25th-28th.

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