Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Political Dogs

Megan was going to write about this, but she is in the middle of a crazy week at school so she forwarded it to me. It is from the Baltimore Sun blog on dogs "Mutts" and it a section called, "If candidates were dogs."

Ron Paul wins Winnie's vote - he is a Corgi. Hillary Clinton is Labradoodle, Barack Obama is a Great Dane, John McCain is a Pug, Mitt Romney is a Smooth Fox Terrier (awesome) and Mike Huckabee is a Beagle. Click the link for the entire list.

Personally, I think Mike Gravel is off, and while McCain does look like a pug I don't think the description fits. People on-line said he was a pit-bull ('because he is so tough!') but that doesn't fit either. He is not a very aggressive partisan fighter and quite aloof to many in his party. He is not very loyal to his party and enjoys his maverick status...

Wait a minute, I think I got it! It explains everything. Why do republicans distrust him even though he has a normally conservative voting record? Why can't the establishment get behind him?

It is because John McCain isn't even a dog, he is a cat!


Gayle said...

Gypsy and Smidgeon want to know what's wrong with that? Cats are survivors - have 9 lives- leave you dead presents at the door and expect very little thanks. They always land on their feet and can take care of themselves if you leave for awhile. Yes, they can get grumpy and scratch if overstimulated but leave them nap for a few hours they'll end up bonking your leg. They don;t always play well with others and have a definite pecking order. Does this all describe cats - or politics?

Chris Schommer said...

Well if Winnie can support Ron Paul I think John McCain would welcome the support of two fine cats like Gypsy and Smidgeon.

And I for one welcome our new kitty overlords!

all but 1 said...

He's not a cat! He's a basenji!

Megan Watland said...

all but 1- does McCain being a basenji reflect well on McCain, or poorly on basenjis?

Congrats on passing boards, btw!