Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The day after

Well it is the day after and this is it: "Obama won more states, but Hillary won more big states." The word of delegate count will come, but not from me. None the less, from my previous prediction Obama is well clear of the -100 loss that would have knocked him out, and in fact is running about even +/- 10. So, the momentum is still his moving forward.

From the New York Times, here is what is coming next:

Feb 9 Louisiana
Feb 9 Nebraska (D)
Feb 9 Virgin Islands (D)
Feb 9 Washington
Feb 10 Maine (D)
Feb 12 District of Columbia
Feb 12 Maryland
Feb 12 Virginia
Feb 19 Hawaii (D)
Feb 19 Wisconsin
Mar 4 Ohio
Mar 4 Rhode Island
Mar 4 Texas
Mar 4 Vermont
Mar 8 Wyoming (D)
Mar 11 Mississippi

And beyond. Think we will make it to April?

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