Sunday, April 15, 2007

Winnie is fast!

So with Winnie's walky dog a success, I took the harness from that and applied it to my roller blades! I got a great video yesterday on my cell phone, but I don't have the USB cable to get it off yet so I re-shot it today and its almost as good. She is a little slower than yesterday if anything.

So here is some Winnie powered speed. I just said go and pointed my skates parallel, I did not move a muscle. Winnie gets so excited she barks at my feet at first, then takes off down the road. I can control her by pulling to the left or right or back on her harness, but she goes forward with no prompting! Video here...

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clock-a-clay said...

Wow! Winnie IS fast.

Will and I were watching this clip in our living room, and when Winnie barked at the beginning, Maggie (who had been curled up asleep in the bedroom) came charging.

We're looking forward to meeting Winnie. We think that Maggie and Winnie will either be best friends (partners-in-crime-style) or worst enemies. Time will tell. :)