Saturday, April 14, 2007

Winnie understands english

Just now, Megan and I were sitting around and talking while Winnie was exploring/burrying stuff. She was acting hungry even though she had already eaten her entire dinner. She even went up and tried to lick the yogurt top I had on my desk. I scolded her and told her to get down so she came over and looked at me over a pile of stuff I had uncovered that she buried - a bone and and one of the cookies that my mom gave Winnie for Christmas (dry, really really old, and she treasures them).

Then I asked, "Are you still hungry?" She cocked her head, she knows the word "hungry" quite well. Then I said "Eat your cookie." She cocked her had again, she knows the word "cookie" too, and then picked up her beloved cookie. I thought that was funny - but then she went over to near her crate, and proceeded to eat the entire thing! It was uncanny.

So I don't know what she understood really. I know she knows "cookie" and that could have connected "hungry" and "cookie" in her doggy brain that equals "eat," or it could just have been a coincidence (she was hungry) but no matter what, it was hilarious.

After her snack and a drink she is now asleep on the bed. Good dog!

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