Friday, April 06, 2007

Walky Dog

For Megan's birthday back in December I got her a "Walky Dog" bike leash for Winnie. Well now that it is warm enough the snow is gone Megan has been trying it out! I got to use it yesterday for the first time too, and it is great! We are amazed at how fast Winnie can run. And the Walky Dog keeps her away from the tires and gears and such just right. Megan also got her a body harness so if the bike were to fall it would just pull her with instead of drag her by the neck. Winnie loves it so much that she goes crazy when you put her harness on, and once you start moving she drags you along, you just have to steer!

Here a video of my first ride with it, coming in from down the hill and into Megan's driveway.

I was up yesterday to celebrate our loft acceptance and we did what we would normally do, buy about $40 worth of plants (they were 1/2 off!) at the U of M plant sale, and go do dinner across the street to Caffe Biaggio (awful web page). The Caffe was great, and the best part (well besides the wonderful food) was the inside looks exactly like the inside of our apartment. They must have been built at the same time, and then even renovated the same way. Same brick same windows same suspended vents and same lighting! Not much longer now, 25 days...

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