Thursday, April 05, 2007


From Inside the ap...
See that? Apartment no. 213 in building "A" at the Carleton Artists Lofts? Well that just moved a BIG step closer to being our home! I just got a call that all our financial information checked out, I have been approved as an artist, and all that is left is to apply a little more ink to some paper next week and we are in in in.

Megan and I are ecstatic and Winnie is too i'm sure. The main living area is so open, she is going to have such a big loop to run in! (read whats next in a 1930s sports caster voice)

And she is around the couch and already past the dinning table. Hard turn to the left around the kitchen island. Will she keeps her momentum around the turn? Yes! Now its down the straight towards the pillar she goes. Look at that speed! Duck around the pillar and back to the couch again, ohhh she skidded out there but recovered! The cement is slick today but will she make it??? Yes! there it is folks, Elfwinkle's Winniehaha "The Pooh Bear" ** has taken the prize

Heh ok blogging while giddy is fun.

Any way move in day is May 1st and we will have a move in party a few weeks after that depending on school and such. Every one and more is of course invited! More details to follow.

One more thing I wont mention it too much on here, but a story that I have not told is how in LA I got a call about some trouble with our app that caused me quite a large amount of stress. Big thanks to Cletus for keeping me OK through it.

In other news I have quit my job at the Caf to focus on my show May 1st at the Northfield Arts Guild. It was fun while it lasted! Time to move up and on....

** (that is Winnie's full name by the way)

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