Sunday, April 15, 2007


I took some photos of my bonsai this evening and I really like the way it is looking now. Some shoots I thought were distracting have turned into great branches that give it the feeling of being a miniature tree rather than a shrub. I will have had it for two years at the end of this month, and here is a Google Picassa album showing it from day 1 and today.

Below is the inspiration for my design, what is known as the "Witch Tree" or "Manido Giizhigance" by the Ojibwe. I visited it once when I was very young and it made quite an impression on me then. The difference here is that mine is probably around 5-10 years old, while that is over 400. Mine is also only 3'' tall. But they are both white cedar, so give me another 390 years and I might get there!

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