Monday, February 08, 2010

Superbowl ads

Great Superbowl last night. The Saints played inspiring football!

But the ads this year were odd, and not too many good ones. I was struck by how explicitly many companies are attempting to define what a man should be this year, and of course align their product with that identity. The Dove commercial treats male suffering as a comedic and heroic triumph - so buy girls soap because you don't need to show off in the shower! The Dodge commercial is the opposite, and treats suffering as inevitable and petty - so buy this car to escape your troubles. Sure it is supposed to be tongue-and-cheek, but I find it incredibly depressing. It is probably effective marketing too. Everyone - from politicians to car companies - are taping into some boiling rage in America where you are being victimized by everyone and can trust no one. See Tea Party et al. Anyway, watch the clips yourself and see what you think!

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