Monday, February 01, 2010

The Plow Man Comith

Lastnight Megan and I saw "9" in wich humanity has been wiped out by robots, save for a few rag-doll creations who are tormented by the self replicating evil robot brain. It was based off a great short film by the same name, that you can watch here.

So big mechanical apocalyptic robots chasing small little creatures around and trying to eat them.

Then, later on we encountered one of the downsides of our apartment perch. Sure nice men from the city of St. Paul (I think) with huge machinery will come and plow your sidewalk for you for free. But, you don't get to decide when they do it! at 12:00 they rumbled in, with a huge plow, a little bobcat, and a few plow trucks to clear off the bus stop and corners. They would draaaaaaaaaaaaag their shovels over the pavement and BANG them down again, shaking the whole building! Needless to say, we thought that the giant robots had come to smash our house down and eat us. I shot some video of their work, which was quite interesting to watch.

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