Monday, February 08, 2010

Match Day!

Congratulations to Megan for getting an internship in Tucson Arizona! It sounds like a great hospital, with a great program and we are very excited to learn more. Megan's first day would be June 16th, and the program goes for a year and a week. The photo on the left is downtown, with the hills behind on one of their rare snowy days. I could have put up a photo of the many cacti but I am sure you will see many of those in the future! (Average high, 100˚ in June)

So if anyone knows anything about Tucson, let us know. So far I have learned:
  • how to spell "Tucson" (Not Tuscon)
  • that rent is cheap
  • It gets hot in the summer, and they have a monsoon
  • but it is still a desert climate due to its high evaporation rate
  • the surrounding hills are very pretty
  • it has a big Wiki page that I am going to read up on

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