Thursday, November 15, 2007


I have not written about this in a long time, but since Subaru "killed my car with the new Impreza, the opposition has delivered. Mitsubishi showed off its new 2008 Lancer Evolution today and yeah, that's a winner. Compared to the bulby large nosed goo from Subaru (below) this thing looks like what it is supposed to: a street rally car. So, put me down for the 2008 Lancer!

In the meanwhile the Volvo is humming along intimidating all in its path! And I got a complement for my old school Apple sticker in the back window the other day. It was on there when I bought the car and I thought I would get more comments from random apple heads. I guess Mac Addicts arn't what they used to be.

EDIT: Added question. How come any one who ever rides a BMW motorcycle always wears massive amounts of safety gear while people who ride low Yamaha rockets will ride with a helmet on and no shirt? Always wondered.

Ok, back to non-gear head blogging. Carry on.


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I agree.

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I quite agree