Thursday, March 29, 2007

They killed my car...

EDIT AND UPDATE: Via AutoBlog the photo on left is PhotoShopped to a degree. So there is still hope!

The Subaru Impreza WRX has never been about good looks really. You can leave that to a BMW 3 series or what ever. Its been about the blistered fenders, the aggressive stance, the corner crazy 4 wheel drive, and the near functional rally racer appeal of the thing. Thats why I have always liked the look and feel of them any way. Well now the 08' model is out (left) and what an ugly freaking car. And boring too. Its like a Mazda 3 that had a happy meal. Ug.

So, until they fix what they hath wrought, I will stick to my 2004 WRX (with the low scoop and spoiler). Here she be:

EDIT: Or to be practical the RS model that loses the turbo (along with 65 horses and the hood scoop) and several points from your insurance premium as well. Lighter on gas too.

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