Thursday, March 29, 2007


Something odd has happened in the past 2 days to our traffic on this blog, as shown by our hit counter on the left here. It seems that since my first LA post mentioned lots of famous cars, and since I linked to some images I found on google images, now this blog is the place to go for some people searching google images for those car pictures that are hosted on another site. Make sense? Me neither because if you do a search for Porsche 911 on google images you do get the picture I used but thats not us.

So what do we do? Well for one we are suddenly making money via our Google Ads on the left. Not much but enough that I though I would sell out and stick an ad box on the top of the page too. Sure I might be whoring us out, but you do need a "Sleep Diary" don't you? (thats what's up now anyway) Clicking on one of those adds is extra valuable because it cranks up our page CTR or Cost Per 1000 impressions that calculates our value.

If things die down again I will remove it, but its worth an experiment I think. Did I mention I saw an Austin Martin DB9 today?

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