Friday, October 19, 2007

1 Year Blogoversary!

Happy 1 Year Blogoversary to Winnie Loves Us! Yes on October 19th 2006 I posed this "Obligatory first post" along with this photo of Winnie when we first met her. This is all it said:
"Yes, Megan and I have a blog. And a puppy! Named Winnie. She is so cute that we had to make a blog, just for her."

Since then we have written 525 more posts or about a post and a half a day.

Our trackers show some where between 13,171 - 13,424 hits to our page

However much of that traffic has been driven by google images. At some point in April I posed several images (now removed) of all the exotic cars I had been seeing in LA and we saw over 400 hits a day for a week! Who knows why.

We have a lot of content too! I got to be a journalist with the Ham Lake fire this May. It started with this post and continued for 36 more over the course of the fire including one of my favorite posts, "The benefits of forest fire." If you got to the left hand side of the page and see "Labels" we have tried to label every post with a tag, so you can group them together easily. 

This blog was created when Megan and I were apart, and was in large part just to keep in touch with each other but it has grown far beyond that now! Now it keeps us up to date with lots of people, and is a place people come to find out about Vet School or fire or what ever else we have written about. I has connected us with new people, and lets me talk about Politics. So I think we will keep writing! 

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clock-a-clay said...

Keep it up! We love it!