Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Corgi

I am back and winnie is back to normal too. She was dying to see me and then proceeded to chew up all her chew toys and squeak all her squeak toys which she has not done for days apparently.

The trip up north was great. We had one day with all rain and the rest was hot hot hot. But the lake was right there and there is none of that city reflective heat that we get lots of by our apartment. Heat of buildings, off cars, of the side walk... I read a lot and swam a lot and generally got to unwind and reflect about how things are going. I played a great golf game with my dad, our neighbor Don, and his neighbor Phil. I did pretty good for taking two years off - I even won both the 7th and 8th holes!

Megan and I will be going up at the end of August for one more summer hurah before school kicks in for both of us. Her attending me working for.

In other news I am spending the 2nd week in August in Austin TX for a conference paid for by my fine institution here. We are going to discuses things such as the future of digital imagery in the classroom/library and metadata. Woho!

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