Tuesday, July 31, 2007

First time

I euthanized my first animal yesterday... A tiny juvenile house sparrow that was found in the baggage claim at the airport. She had a badly broken wing and would never be able to fly.

It was the only humane choice, but still sad.

Tomorrow, I'll be stopping by the daycare to say goodbye to one of our regulars, a Golden retriever that is the epitome of Golden retriever. Always happy to see everyone, and she was on everybody's list of favorites. Last week she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer, and she will be euthanized before it gets too painful. She is stopping by daycare for one last visit, because it was one of her favorite places. She is only 8 years old :-(

I need some serious puppy therapy soon.

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Byrdluv said...

Just found your blog, hope you are doing well, i do small bird rescue, there are folks that can rehab sparrows and starlings even if they aren't releasable- they make wonderful pets- here is a link to my sparrow clare- rgorton.tripod.com/clare

i am enjoying reading all your entries, have a good evening