Friday, July 27, 2007

Mopey corgi

Well, Winnie recovered quickly from her bad daycare experience, and headed right back in like nothing happened. Unfortunately, she's now realized that Chris hasn't been around lately (which means he's gone FOREVER), so she's entered Sulking Corgi Mode. Sulking Corgi Mode primarily consists of not wanting to eat or play- the same symptoms she displays after we come back from the cabin, or when I go back to school after being on break. She's even being aloof with me at daycare, preferring to go greet my co-workers rather than ask me for attention.

Sulking corgyn are much less fun than happy corgyn.

On a better note, I'm almost done with my second week of my internship! I got to clean out my very first maggot-infested wound (yum) on poor skinny baby raccoon. I've spent some more time in the avian nursery and worked my first shift in the waterfowl nursery. They have a baby sandpiper right now, which is easily the most adorable baby bird I've ever seen- just a tiny poof of fluff on little stilt legs.

I have my first official shift in the treatment room tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some good stories after that!

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