Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bonsai lives

Well my little Bonsai lived through its second winter no problem. It is a white cedar from up north, and so it is used to very harsh boundary water winters, but it is still amazing to me that it can be so small and withstand a harsh winter. It needs it too, with out the rest of going into its hibernation cycle it would eventually become weak and possibly die.

Here is a photo of it today, three days after I dug it out of its winter nest outside my window. The tips of the the uppermost needles got a little burnt, but not nearly as bad as I thought when I dug it out. So much if it was all brown and stiff! Now its all bright green and waxy like it should be. Now it is sunning it self outside in the 40˚ weather but I will bring it inside tonight and let it enjoy the spring time indoors.

It is very nice to have my little tree back. It means spring is here already!

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