Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Mattress

Yesterday Megan and I went to target to get some queen sized sheets and last night I got to sleep on the new IKEA mattress for the first time. (Megan is out tranquilizing bears, more on that later) It is this Sultan Forsbaka mattress and right now it is stuffed a little awkwardly directly on top of the futon I have been sleeping on since I moved in here. It is wider and longer than the futon, so the edges just kind of flop off and its a little scrunched at the top and bottom.

But it is quite the improvement already! I slept on it great last night. Some mattresses, usually softer spring ones, make my back really sore in the morning and crack like crazy all the way up my spine. This morning my back was relaxed and crack free! The only problem right now is the mattress wont fully lay down right. It is foam and so came all rolled up like a cigar. It was fun to watch it slowly expand like a sponge in water, It went from 4'' thick to 6 1/4''! But there is still a little curl left that needs to get down. I think if I flip it over it should help. Now if we can only get everything else for 60% off!

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