Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Break!

Yesterday, Chris and I declared it a day off for both of us, and we headed up to the cities for a date day. Chris has spent over a year groaning every time I mention that a) I haven't been to the Walker since the renovation and b) I've never had sushi. So we set out to rectify both of those things in one night. Our initial plan was to go to Fuji-Ya for sushi for lunch, then go to the Walker for the afternoon. We got to Fuji-Ya around 2:10, only to be told that they closed at 2:00. Boo! Their website states that they close at 2:30, but the guy who kicked us out said that they've been closing at 2 for six months now, and that "websites are hard to change." Uh. Okay. So we were disappointed and starving, and had to settle for Subway instead of sushi. We reconvened and decided to go to Ikea to try to make some decisions about our bed, then to the Walker (for free!), then to Fuji-Ya for a late dinner.

The bed question has been a hard one, and since we started looking, I think we've changed our minds on almost everything at least twice. I didn't realize how ridiculously expensive beds are. Yesterday the goal was just to try out some mattresses to narrow our choices down. We did that until we felt overwhelmed and they started all feeling identical. We had pretty much settled on a $250 one that we both agreed was comfortable. We went to peak at the clearance stuff on our way out and found a mattress! Someone had torn open its plastic wrap, so it got a little dirty on one corner... and was marked down from $379 to $150! Ack. What a deal. We hid the clearanced one amongst the giant shelving so that no one would take it, and ran back to the bed department to try it out. We couldn't tell a difference between that one and the one we'd originally decided on, and Chris said that if it costs more, it must be even better, that settled it! So we have a mattress, and got a great deal. It barely fit in my car, and wouldn't have without the help of the nicest guy I've ever met, who helped us figure out how to shove it inside. I'm not sure how we'll get it out, but meh. We have a bed!

After that adventure, we went to the Walker, which was awesome and very refreshing. It's so easy to get stuck in the world of facts and numbers and figures and tables- vet school doesn't offer many creative outlets. I need to remember to turn on the right side of my brain every now and then.

We ended the night where we meant to begin- eating sushi at Fuji-Ya. It was a great first experience. We each got 6 different pieces of sushi, plus miso soup and sake (I'd never had either of those, either). For the first time this week, my brain finally quit worrying about tests or what I should have been working on or what's coming up next week. What a relaxing, refreshing experience. I also had my first encounter with wasabi... wow. I don't think my face has ever felt quite like that before. Alas, Chris' favorite piece of sushi was my least favorite, but we both loved the ahi tuna and the ebi (shrimp).

We left Fuji-Ya to pick up Winnie at my house, then drove back down to Northfield with mattress and puppy squished together in the back seat. A very good day off :-)

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Bjorn said...

We got a clearance bed at Ikea, but the mattress elsewhere. Yes, beds are expensive. but the Ikea frames are worth it. I think they are way more comfortable then having a box spring. Don't forget Sushi Tango in Calhoun Square. I've been trying more Indian food, but I always smell like curry for hours afterward. Wasabi will make your head numb. I had a spicy mustard last week that made my face shake it was so hot. I'm pretty sure it was some kind of toxin.