Thursday, February 08, 2007

popping in

I'm still alive! Just computer-less and swamped by school. Lousy timing that my new laptop is arriving the day before a test... I can't even play with it! To be on the safe side, I am having Chris keep it until Friday so that I'm not tempted.

Not much to say, except that I drove up from Northfield on the morning that that 42-car pileup occurred on 35. Thankfully I was well past there by the time that happened, but it still took a full 3 hours to get to St. Paul. I also had a little spin-out myself and bumped into the median on 494, but thankfully I was going slow to begin with, and the 4 inches of snow on the shoulder slowed me down even more. My car shows no signs of damage.

The Large Animal Hospital has a camel. She's really really cool, but also really grumpy. I'd be grumpy too if I were a camel in this sort of weather, and if I had to bunk with a bunch of cows and horses.

Off to school!

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