Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Apple is fast

Megan purchased her new computer yesterday morning at around 8:00 AM, that is 6:00 AM California (Apple) time. According to the FedEx Tracking Page it was picked up 20 minutes later, and the "package data" (I assume address) was not even put on it until 11:11!

So did Apple ship this before they got the order? Or was it just good timing? Either way, that brings down the "will ship date" from the advertised "3-5 business days" to "after breakfast."

It is slated to arrive tomorrow. Megan shipped it to Olaf because they will have some one to sign for it for sure. Last time she sent it to her house and could not get it for 3 days because no one was home to sign for it and it turned into a huge pain. Hopefully this will be easier.

Then Megan can get back to regular blogging!

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