Saturday, January 27, 2007

One test down

The physiology exam went fine yesterday- now time to start studying for neuro!

The more exciting news of yesterday is that I finally met the professor who's in charge of the Holisitic Medicine club, and we're going to have a "formational meeting" next week to see if we have enough people to get started. If so, we'll plan a few speakers and wetlabs for this semester, and we'll be able to start up right away next year. Ideas for speakers so far: local holistic practictioner, aromatherapy researcher, nutritionist? Last semester someone came to talk about being a vet for Organic Valley farms, which was really interesting. Perhaps he'd come back for this. An acupuncture wetlab would be awesome...

Anyway, hooray! I hope we get enough members. I am the default president, since I'm the one who wants to see the club revived. I guess have a knack for taking on dead/dying organizations.

Not much movement on the insurance front- they just asked for more paperwork and documentation, including some that they should already have received. I was hoping this process would go quickly. I need a new computer soon.

This afternoon is clerk duty shift #2. I will post stories when I get home!

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