Friday, January 26, 2007

Skiing day 5

Well I have been skiing every day since monday and things have gotten a lot better! My stamina is up and I can go 3-4x as far. I think most of it is just having your lungs adjust to taking in O2 from the cold air.

Today the cold was not a problem though. My weather widget says that it is 37, but I am sure its 40 out in the sun. Part of me hates it because there is such precious little snow on the ground now anyway. They also "groomed" the trails with out getting new snow on it, exposing rocks all over the place. So the loop I liked to do is now ruined until we get new snow. I can go back and forth on a short loop, but thats not as fun. Forecast calls for snow tomorrow though.

But the benefit of warm weather skiing is that its not cold! First off went the hat. Then the jacket. Then heck, I look silly enough in my hamburglar long-underwear so it was topless skiing for me! It felt great, the sun was warm and who knows I might even get a january tan!

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