Sunday, January 28, 2007


In an act of sponteneity yesterday, we drove past the lofts to see the progress since last we visited in November. We were surprised to see lights on in our actual apartment! Even though it was -4ยบ, we parked the car and ran out to the median on University Ave. to take a look. We saw our kitchen, with cabinets and all, and the amazing wooden ceiling. We have track lighting, and we have windows (not just plastic sheets anymore)!! Oh so many windows. We've had the floor plan since July, and we've looked at the building a dozen times since, but it hasn't really felt real until now. It has WALLS! It's a real, inhabitable space (almost). The rest of the building has a ways to go, but it's sure exciting to know that our place is nearly finished.

After we saw our place, we went into C building again to see how that's changed. There were people hanging out in the party room (with a really cute bull terrier- I think he and Win should be friends), and we got to see the studios. They are actually in use now, with traces of art all over. It looks like it's going to be a great community and a nice place to retreat from school. I never realize how truely atrocious the architecture is at the U until I go somewhere that is well-planned, like Olaf or the lofts. The vet school is a celebration of the beauty of concrete. I'll leave it at that.

Anyway. We have windows and bricks and walls and lights and beams and a kitchen! I hope the next few months fly by... only 92 days to go!

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