Sunday, January 28, 2007

Apartment Spy shots

Well not spy shots really, but I went back today to take some photos of our loft, still called "A Building" as of now. The area highlighted is our 942 sq feet in the world. I could not get any shots of the inside today in the light (the light on inside last night made is very easy).

The Next shot is of the apartments from the front. I am so glad we are not living on third floor (jail cell small windows) or the first floor (welcome to my house University Ave!). 2nd floor is juuuust right.

After that is a close up of how the windows look. Of course double insulated and super energy efficient. "C" building has white, "B" has tan, and our "A" has green windows.

And last here is a shot of the new trees and a good view down the side our our bilding (volvo for scale).

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