Sunday, January 28, 2007

My brain hurts

Tuesday's exam is Neurology- probably my least favorite subject this term. Immunology is really interesting, and Physiology is at least understandable. Pharmacology is not yet very cool, but it has the potential to be my favorite class this semester (besides zoo class, of course). We haven't started Organology, but I can at least understand how knowledge of what normal kidney cells, liver cells, etc look like will be important in practice, considering you can take biopsies of those from a live patient. But why will I ever need to know that the lateral geniculate nucleus is in the mesencephalon if the only way I'll ever see it again is if my patient's brain has kindly removed itself from the skull and cross-sectioned itself onto a microscope slide? Seriously. The third-year I was working clerk duty with assurred me that they'll repeat the important stuff again next year, and for now just memorize it all and regurgitate. We seem to get that advice from upperclassmen a lot...

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