Thursday, September 02, 2010

Daily Bread

This is our 1000th post, and in an attempt to mimic one of our favorite blogs, Smitten Kitchen, I took some nicer pictures of my evening bread. Challenges in food photography! The bread itself is a whole wheat and oats cinnamon rasin bread with zucchini. I didn't know before I started making bread that most normal "whole wheat" bread contains just a fraction of whole wheat flour, 1/4th in this case. I have used the zucchini before and if you shred it it makes the bread lighter and moist, but it doesn't give it much flavor.

When making my bread I don't use any recipe, besides the basic ratio of flour to water, salt, and yeast. So far so good, and I have made about 10-12 loafs so far. My one complaint is I can not manage to get that big round artisan bread loaf look yet, and keep getting flatter round loafs. Still good, but that height isn't there. To fix it, I am going to allow more rising, drier dough, and use parchment paper instead of cornmeal.

Bread making like this really is just like brewing. Get the basics right and follow those rules very close. Then, throw in whatever sticks and try it out! Don't worry, the yeast will save you in both endevers.

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