Sunday, October 04, 2009

Self Sufficiency

Doing things yourself can be very difficult, full of mistakes, and extremely time consuming but when things go right, it is sure worth it. Having another item in a library of things you can do feels great. ( Can you tell I have been reading "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"?)

Our first project was on Wednesday when Megan and I canned salsa, using our piles of tomatoes from the farmers market. Of course now that it is preserved we are hesitant to open one since it is so much work getting them in the jars!

My other project was on Saturday when I finally got some car time in. I cleaned my air filter, replaced the oil (synthetic is totally worth it), and replaced the front brake pads. All this greatly increased my confidence for car repair again, as it was all quite simple, and the car really needed it. The brakes just required me to jack up the car and remove the wheel, un-do one bolt and swing up the "glove" that holds them next to the pistons, and then pop out the old pads like burnt toast. With the money I saved I bought myself my very own 2 ton jack!

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