Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Thanks to everyone who has called/emailed/texted me today. My Grandpa Clarence W. Strandberg passed away quickly early this morning at the age of 90 after a two week illness. It was certainly his time to go, but of course it still comes as a shock to the rest of us. The funeral will be on Monday morning at 11:00 in New Richmond, and he will be buried at 2:00 at the Hill Side cemetery in Minneapolis. For more information on arrangements, click here.

I will write more later, but it makes me so happy that he was able to be fully present at our wedding just 26 days ago. I know in my heart he was holding on for it, and had a wonderful time with all the family that was present.

His official portrait for this week.

Riding around in my "New" Volvo with Grandpa

One of my favorite portraits of him.


Alliebeads said...

You and Megan - and the whole family - are in my heart today as I take in this news. I am so grateful I was able to see you grandpa, talk with him and touch him while at your wedding. May you all be a comfort to each other as you celebrate his life.


Chaosmstress said...

my sympathies to you and your family. we're thinking of you here in Seattle...