Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bike Trailer

I was walking Winnie and over behind the security alarm building, and there is this little section of scrub that people just dump their typical urban junk in. There is a refrigerator, a car tire, a shopping cart, and a few days ago there was a torn up InStep Quick-n-Lite bike trailer. The same kind we bought last summer for winnie, which was fun but she kind of hated it. So I dragged the trashed one home, sold Winnie's for $40 (same price as we bought it) on craigslist, and started to convert the busted one to a bike trailer by ripping off all the fabric and coverage parts.

It was missing its bike attachment part, so I towed it to work by wrapping the end with an old bike inner-tube and attaching that to the back which was good enough (barley, and it somehow managed to flip completely over at one point). Then I took off the wheel attachments and inverted them so the wheels would be inside the frame, which makes the entire thing more narrow and easier to maneuver. Also this way, the wheels are protected should the trailer strike anything. I then cut down some aluminum rods to lay down down the center so it can support weight. These I attached with bolts. To make the connector, I used a quick release attachment normally used for pressurized air, that just happened to screw into the soft aluminum at the end of the connector arm. The piece on the bike is a small drilled steel plate, with an eye-hook bolted onto it, that is attached to a piece of PCV pipe with steel rope, that is attached to the quick connector. I might have to re-do this part, because it is kind of huge! But it works great, so I can't complain.

And here is the finished product! Now I have to figure out how to attach a load on it, like groceries, and also figure out what to use it for! I also have to make the clearance between the wheels and the trailer bed wider, so I can remove the wheels.

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