Monday, August 04, 2008

How cute is this?

Added Aug 5th: We took about a 12 mile ride and the trailer rolls nice, but slows me down quite a bit! The entire load is about 50 lbs which makes starting and hills harder, and the wind resistance makes cruising slower. Megan and I normally cruse at around 15 mph (says the GPS taped to the handle bars) but I bet this takes it down to 10-11 and I was really pushing the entire time too. 
Winnie did good, but she doesn't like stopping for stop lights or bumps much, and we need to firm up the bottom because it sags down when she is moving around. We put her harness on and attached that to the top cross bar so she couldn't jump out and that works well. She hates it when Megan gets in front of me because she cant see her, and thus she is 'GONE FOREVER' "bark bark bark." But on smooth trails she was all smiles as we zipped along. 
Look for us to ride up soon! 

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