Friday, May 22, 2009


This isn't my original thought, but I really think the Republican party is relying on the belief that those people currently held in Guantanamo bay are literally supervillians with super powers. Flight, X-ray vision, super strength etc. Thus we need to hold them in Guantanamo because it is made of adamantium and as Steve Benen says, "surrounded by sharks with frickn' lasers on their heads."

No, we made Guantanamo from spare parts anyone could find at the Home Depot. And if someone escaped they would escape to Cuba, perhaps one of the safest/sympathetic places they find themselves! Of course the reason they are in cuba on a military base isn't to keep detainees out of America, it was created preciously to keep them out of the American court system.

I have written before about the Green Lantern school of foreign policy. Perhaps this is the Magneto school of detention policy. Watch this (violent) video from X-Men 2 if you don't know what I am talking about. And as if to drive the point home, the RNC has released this web ad, copying the famous "Daisy" ad used against Goldwater in 1964. Who knew that the prisoners in Guantanamo were so dangerous, that they actually have the ability to from a nuclear weapon inside their own bodies, using only the power of their mind. That is the reason we can't have them on US soil!

It all makes sense now.

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