Thursday, May 21, 2009

Megan's KHS 500

Here is Megan's new toy, a KHS 500 road bike! Carbon fork and chain stay, aluminum all the rest. Megan has outgrown her old bike, which will be used as it has been as a comfortable commuter hybrid with fenders, rack, and basket. But, all that weighs almost 40 lbs (with out a backback!) while this one comes in at just above 20. Plus all the benefits of road tires, shifters and brakes. Also known as... much faster!

We took it out to the fair grounds so Megan could get a handle on the very different feel of this bike. It really is like the difference between the Volvo and the Scooby. Everything gives you a much faster response from turning to braking to shifting to accelerating. Perhaps a little less comfortable to ride though! But after a short time riding around, Megan was riding confidently and speedily. I got this photo as we were zooming down a small hill.

Last night we went over to the family bike shop and the bike got a full work over. We added an "interrupter" brake on the handle bars (like my bike) so you can ride upright and still have the rear brake available. It also got a new stem installed so the handlebars are a little closer, and it is better looking too. Today we stopped at freewheel to use our coupon and get Megan a new and much better helmet (not pictured), water bottle cage, saddle pouch, and extra inner tubes. So she is set for a summer of riding!

On our way home on the transit road, Megan kicked it into her highest gear, which is at a ratio that my bike can't reach. I had to spin fast to just keep up! See you out on the trails...

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