Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Obama in St. Paul

Tonight doors open at 7:00 at the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul for a 9:30ish appearance by Barack Obama. The venue is of course symbolic being the location of the 2008 Republican nomination, and the timing will be critical too. While it does not appear that he will gain enough delegates between now and tonight to really/officially/completely/finally clinch the nomination tonight he will be very very close. As of this moment 3:20 3:50 he is 37 29.5 27 away, and he will get 15-17 from voting tonight and another five super delegates if he wins MT which he almost certainly will. The AP reported that Hillary would be conceding tonight but I don't think that is the case. Rather she will pitch her case that she is more electable in November one more time, and then say that once Obama reaches the total number for the nomination she will concede. For his part, I don't think Obama will declare "victory" per se but will say that Democrats have voted, caucused, and organized and that they have chosen him to take on John McCain. He will also have very nice things to say about the Clinton campaign.

I am planning to go tonight so I can see history myself! Excel holds about 18,000 people - 1,000 less than the Target Center that he managed to fill back in February. At least it will be warmer as people wait outside.

EDIT: An Obama for Senate button just sold for $202 on ebay. I am going to hold on to mine!

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