Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tonights Polling Gap

Well we won't know who came out on top of super-duper Tuesday until late tonight or tomorrow thanks to California, but I think these poll results give a good picture of how up in the air everything is.

Zogby has Obama up by 13 points in California.
SurveyUSA has Hillary up by 10 points in California.

Both have about the same sample size, and the same time frame. Thats a 23 point spread!


Bjorn said...

What about super delegates? While Obama has been more popular, Clinton has almost 100 more super delegates. It's a stupid system which messes up everything.

Chris Schommer said...

Right, about 20% of delegates at the end are party officials and elected officials, and so far the majority have declared for Hillary. And it looks like no one will be able to get the majority, so that leaves the super delegates/edwards delegates in an awkward position for sure. Worry about that once we get there I guess.