Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Caucus in Minnesota!

Just a reminder to get out and Caucus tonight. The Secretary of State has a web page up to help find your polling place. Note that they are often different than where you normally vote. We are going to the Hancock Elementary School by Hamline.

Everything will take place from 6:30 - 8:00 tonight and there are two parts (for Democrats at least). The first is voting for the national party candidate and that takes just a few moments. All you have to do to vote is give them your address, and sign your name asserting that you will be 18 by Nov. 4th 2008. It just takes a few minutes and you can choose to leave.

The second is really a Caucus, and that will decide delegates for MN Senate campaign. After that, it is any resolutions for the state platform to be voted on during the state convention. This will take place from 7:00-8:00.

This is a unique primary for Minnesota, in that our votes really matter. In 2004, it was John Kerry and John Edwards but Edwards dropped out of the race just a few minutes after the caucus was over and Kerry was the effective nominee. This time however, it looks very likely that there will be no nominee by the convention, meaning that every delegate matters. And the difference between your delegate going to Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton could be a few hundred votes.

We will see how it all plays out. I think Obama needs to lose by less that 100 delegates to stay alive, tie to keep his momentum, and any kind of win would surge him ahead. But there are so many variables that you might as well be betting on the super bowl!

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