Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lucky 3?

So far in the past two weeks the car,
1: Froze
2: I locked the keys in the car.
3: Got a flat tire.

The tire was today. I put air in the tire last night and the little pin that holds the air in apparently never went back in, causing it to lose it all over night. I threw on the spare on the -2˚ morning and drove the flat down the street and left it with a shop, who found the problem and didn't charge me. But that left me with a fixed tire off the car and it was now 3 in the afternoon and -9˚. Since I certainly did not want to experience my hands being frozen off after they had just warmed up again (6 hours later) I decided to get my over due oil change in and have them put the tire back on! Over all, it was a good deal.

So I think those are the main three inexpensive-yet-stupid things that can go wrong with a car and the fix for all three was $0. Lets hope three is the lucky number!

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