Monday, January 28, 2008


Every January, I get a little nostalgic for Ecuador, where I spent January of 2005. So, here's a little photo tribute...

Our first stop was the lovely Bellavista Reserve in the cloud forest. Bellavista is famous for being the place with the highest hummingbird diversity in the world, and is a sort of mecca for birders.
A typical view of the cloud forest



I loved this guy's fluffy white pantaloons.

After a week in the cloud forest, we took a plane to the Galapagos. The Galapagos are the one place that we went that I definitely aim to get back to at some point in my life. Aside from being one of those places that all good biologists should go to pay homage to Darwin and evolution, you will never see another wild place where the animals simply have no fear of you.

No Galapagos photo album is complete without a blue-footed booby.

Frigatebird following our yachtAwwwwww...

The famous Galapagos tortoises! The tortoise on the left got caught in a lava flow... Ouch.

We left the Galapagos for Quito, then took a plane to a bus to a boat to another bus to another boat to the Tiputini Biodiversity Station, a working field station where people are busy studying primates and spiders and... well, biodiversity.

View of the sunrise from a birdwatching tower

The super pretty shiny ones are always dung beetles, for some reason.

Don't eat me!!!

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