Monday, July 23, 2007

History is right here

Megan and I have been looking into the history of our building and today confirmed something that Megan first thought of weeks ago. Our little apartment overlooking University Ave used the be the Minnesota headquarters for the presidential campain of Sen. John Kerry in 2004, and the senatorial campaign HQ of the late Sen. Paul Wellstone.


Not only that, but Megan and I visited the Kerry HQ to buy some bumper stickers or something back in 2004. We walked in the front door, walked up one set of stairs, took a left and were in the HQ main room. There were Kerry posters all over the windows. Our windows.

Why didn't we recognize it when we moved in? Well they tore off the modern construction you see on the left of this picture, and renovated much more to return it to a historical site. What would we have said in 2004 if some one told us that we would be living in that space a short three years later?

EDIT: • Some photos from the impromptu Wellstone memorial that was built at the site. Still very emotional for me after all these years.

• More photos from the webs past.
From this webpage.

• Terry Gydesen took these photos of the 2002 Wellstone campaign.

Edit: • More photos and information as we go back in time...

"Standing outside Sen. Wellstone's campaign headquarters on University Ave., Sen. Ted Kenney and Rep. Betty McCollum listened Friday to Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Roger Moe talk about the Minnesota Senator's death." Link to more

• And a video documenting Wellstone's political life and tragic death. From

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