Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Poor Pooh Bear suffered her first really scary dog attack today. It was more noisy than anything, but it sure scared both of us! She was at daycare with me, and I threw a ball for the dogs to chase. Winnie did her usual corgi routine of herd-whoever's-running, and took off after the dogs who were chasing the ball. One dog decided that ball was HIS, no matter what, and turned on Winnie as she was running alongside him. He just pinned her down and yelled in her face, but poor Pooh started screaming bloody murder. By the time I was able to react, the other dog had already let her go, and she came sprinting towards me, still screaming. Aside from being really shaken up, she seems none the worse for wear. I think I remember the whole thing better than she does. I hope this doesn't sour daycare for her... I guess we'll see how she feels about going back tomorrow.

Chris is off to the woods for a few days, so for now it's just us girls (and Pipkin). Anyone got any good movies to recommend?

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