Monday, June 11, 2007

Where been?

Well I guess bloging has dropped off a bit in the past few weeks. I have started my job at Macalester and things are going great. A lot of change happening there, and they have the energy and the support to make it happen too, it's great!

I am still working at St. Olaf too, and the drive is already wearing on me. My contract expires Aug 31st but it is going to be a hot summer of driving to contend with. Its still good though, not much to complain about.

To get things rolling and in the spirit of car talk, (it is still complicated, more later) I found this video of the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend that had an unusual canadian contestant.

The race here is between a 800+ hp Toyota F1 car and a .01 hp marmot


As you can see in these publicity shots, the marmot and the F1 car share similar aerodynamic qualities, and although the marmot is much less powerful, it also weighs far less and has the added benefit of all paw drive. Lets see how things turn out in slow motion...

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